3. Assignments - which option best decribes your situation?

3.1. I get an error message when I upload my file


This can sometimes happen if a student uploads a a scanned document which has been uploaded as a PDF, or uploads a graphics-rich document which has been converted to a PDF.

Moodle's PDF annotation feature sometimes reject such documents.


Scan the document as a jpg and insert the jpg into a word document.

Convert the word document to 97-2003 format (.doc). When converting to PDF do not choose Save As > PDF. Select Save As > Other and on the drop-down list, select 'PDF'.

If the above does not work, convert the word document to Rich Text Format (.rtf). Then convert the .rtf file to PDF as explained above.

The objective is to simplify the complexity of the document libraries that Moodle's PDF editor has to process.