4. Passwords - choose which option best applies to you.

4.2. I have had my password reset by IT but it does not work in Moodle

You have not yet validated your password.

Once you have had your password reset, you should log in to a PC (or if working outside of the college, visit http://desktop.colchester.ac.uk ) to validate your password. Then log in to Moodle using your validated password.

If you continue to have a problem, and if you are working outside of college at the moment and need to use Moodle immediately, you need to contact IT.ServiceDesk@colchester.ac.uk (01206 71 2222) to request a password reset and request that you are not forced to change the password on first log in.

Remember in future to pro-actively change your password before it expires. You are given a warning on college PCs and on webmail up to two weeks before expiry date.